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Restaurant Management Software

Most Of Restaurant management software helps restaurant Authority and managers run a restaurant Start to End. Few tools are used by restaurant employees to keep track of Working Details, payroll, orders, and All Information’s. Managers and owners can use these tools to compare business practices at Varity locations, ease the onboarding process for new employees, and track employee effectiveness. These tools are provide a wide range of features for either niche restaurant types or restaurants as a whole.




Pos Invoice: New On Going Kitchen Status Online Today All Seafood Chicken Prawn Soup Beef Vegetable Testing Cat 

List: Invoice No Customer Name Waiter Table State Date Amount Action

Pending: Invoice No Customer Name Customer Type Waiter Table State    Date Amount Action                         

Complete: Customer Name Customer Type Waiter Table State Date Amount Action  

Cancel: Cancel Customer Name Customer Type Waiter Table State Date Amount Action 

Kitchen Dashboard:  No Found  

Counter Dashboard: Table No Number Time Remaining Time Status 

Counter List: Counter Number No.  Counter Number  

Pos Setting: Waiter Table  Cooking Time Table Map

Reservation: Reservation Customer Name Table No.  No. Of Person Start Time  End Time Date Status   

Add Booking: Date  Time   People Purchase Manage Purchase Item  Invoice No. Supplier Name  Date  Price Action

Add Purchase: Supplier Name  Invoice No Purchase Date  Expiry Date  Details Payment Type  Item Information Stock/Qnt Qnty  Rate  Total Grand Total    Pa   Amount

Purchase Return: Supplier Name Invoice

Return Invoice: Invoice No. Supplier Name  Date  Price Action

Supplier Manage: Supplier Name  Email Address  Mobile Address  Balance  Action

Supplier Ledger:  Select Supplier  From To Date Description Invoice No. Deposit Debit Credit Balance

Stock Out Ingredients:  No Data Available In Table


Report: Purchase Report ,Purchase Date Invoice No.  Supplier Name Total Amount , Stock Report (Product Wise) Food Name From To  Food Name    In Qnty   Out Qnty  Stock, Stock Report (Kitchen)  Ingredient Name   From   To Ingredient Name   In Qnty   Out Qnty  Stock

Sell Report: Sell Report  From  To  Sell Date  Invoice No.  Customer Number  Payment Method  Total Vat/Tax  Service Charge  Discount  Total Amount Sell Report Items  From  To  Items Name   Variant Name   Quantity  Total Amount Service Charge Report  From  To  Invoice No  Service Charge Sell Report Waiters Waiter Name   Total Amount Kitchen Sell Kitchen Name  Total Amount Sell Report Delivery Type  Delivery Type   Total Amount Sell Report Casher Cashier Name   Total Amount, Cash-register Report   Table  Sell Report Filtering Sale Date   Invoice No.   Customer      Waiter  Sales Type   Total Discount   Third Party Commission   Total Amount Sell By Date Sale Report Commission  Waiter  Total   Commission Sale By Table  Table Total View

Food Management: Manage Category  Add Category , Category Name   Parent Category   Image  Is Offer? Status Category List  Image Category Name  Parent Name Status  Action

Manage Food: Add Food Category  Select Kitchen  Food Name Component  Notes  Description  Image   Vat   Is Offer?  Is Custom Quantity?   Cooking Time  Status   Food List Image  Category Name   Food Name   Component  Vat   Status   Action,  Add Group Item Category  Select Kitchen  Food Name  Component  Notes  Description Image  Vat  Is Offer?  Is Custom Quantity?  Cooking Time Status  Name  Variant  Price  Qty  Action Food Variant  Variant Name  Food Name Food Availability Food Name   Available Day   Available Time   Action, Manage Addons Add Add-Ons ,Add-Ons Name  Price  Status Add-Ons List Add-Ons Name  Price  Status Add-Ons Assign List Add-Ons Name Food Name 

Production: Set Production Unit Food Name  Variant  Name  Item Information Qnty  Price Production Set List Food Name  Variant Name   Price Add Production Food Name  Variant Name Production Date Serving Unit  Expire Date Production Setting Note Setting: Payment Method Setting Payment Method List  Payment Method Name Payment Setup Payment Method Name   Email Address/Location  Marchant  / Application Currency  Mode Shipping Method Setting Shipping Method Name   Shipping Rate Manage Table: Table List Table Name  Capacity  Icon Table Setting Customer Type: Customer List Customer Name   Email Address   Mobile  Address  Customer Type List  Type Name Third-Party Customers  Company Name  Commission   Address  Card Terminal List  Card Terminal Name Kitchen Setting: Kitchen List Kitchen Name Kitchen Assign  Kitchen Name Unit Measurement: Unit Measurement Unite Name   Short Name    Ingredient List Ingredient Name   Unit Name 

SMS Setting: Sms Configuration User Name   Password  User From Sms Template Template Name Type  Sms Template Bank: Bank List Bank Name   A/C Name   A/C  Number Branch Balance Signature  Picture Bank Transaction Date  Account Type   Bank Name   Withdraw/Deposit  Amount  Description Language Application Setting

 Application Title:  Store Name  Address   Email Address  Phone  Favicon  Logo  Opening Time Close Time Discount Type Service Charge Service Charge Type  Vat Setting(%)   Vat/Tnt Number  Shoe/H e(Vat/Tnt)   Currency Min Delivery Time  Language  Date Format Time Zone   Application Alignment   Powered By Text   Footer Text

App Setting: Please Download Apps In Play store Kitchen App QR Scan ,Waiter App QR Scan Your Local Host Full Url  Your Online Url

Factory Reset: Do You Want To Process Currency Currency Name  Currency Icon  Designation  Conversation Rate Country ,Country State, Country State City State    City Commission Designation   Commission

Accounts: Chart Of Account  Coa Head Head Name Parent Head Name  Is Transaction  Is Active Is Gl Head Code   Head Name   Parent Head  Head Type Supplier Payment Voucher No. Payment Type Date  Remark Supplier Name Code  Amount Cash Adjustment Voucher No.  Date  Adjustment Type  Remark  Code  Amount Debit Voucher Voucher No.  Credit Account Head   Date   Remark  Account Name   Code   Amount Credit Voucher  Voucher No.   Account Head   Date  Remark   Account Name   Code  Amount Contra Voucher,  Voucher No.  Date   Remark  Account Name  Code  Debit  Credit , Journal Voucher  Voucher No.  Date   Remark  Account Name  Code  Debit  Credit  Voucher Approval, Voucher No.  Remark   Account Name  Code  Debit  Credit 

Account Report: Voucher Report Voucher No. Cash Book From Date   To Date   Voucher Type   Head Name  Balance Bank Book Gl Head   Account Code   From Date  To Date Date  Voucher No. Type Balance General Ledge Gl Head  Transaction Head From Date  To Date Trial Balance From Date To Date Profit Loss From Date  To Date Cash Flow From Date To Date Coa Print Assets   Equity  Income   Sell Income   Cost Of Sell   Product Purchase   Liabilities .

Human Resource: Hrm ,Designation Post Details Add Employee Employ Details  Manage  Employee  Photography   Manage  Employ  Details Manage , Employee  Salary  ,   Salary Details.

Attendance: Attendance Form  Attendance Detail  Attendance Reports  Attendance  Report  Details  Expense: Add Expense Item  Name  Manage Expense Item, NameAdd Expense , Name  Manage Expense  Name  Expense Statement Name  Award: New Award  Award Name  Award Description  Gift Item

Recruitment: Add New Cand  ate, Cand ate Details  Manage Cand  ate Cand  ates Details   Cand  ate Shortlist  ,Shortlist Details  Interview  Cand  ate Selection, Cand  ate Details

Department: Department  Department Name Add Division  Name  Manage Division Name  Leave:  Weekly Holy  Leave Day Hol  ay  Add Leave Type Leave Application Loan: Grant Loan Loan Details  Loan Installment  Loan Report

Payroll: Salary Type Setup, Salary Setup Employ Details With Salary ,Salary Generate

Facebook Setting Facebook Api, Api Key Secrate Key

User:  Add User :Details User List: Details , Modules: Modules List , Themes: Themes Details

Role Permission: Permission Setup :Menu Title, Page Url ,Module ,Parent Menu Add Rol: Accounts  Details Role List: Name ,Description User Access Role: User Name

Web Setting: Common Setting: Web Address Manage Store Time: Time Zone, Banner Setting: Banner Image, Menu Setting: Menu List Seo Setting: Seo Description, Social Setting: Social Icon, Widget Setting: Widget get Field ,Email Setting: Email Address, Customer Rating: Customer Details, Coupon List, Subscribe List

Auto update: Message: New, Inbox , Sent

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