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Hr & Payroll Software

Company information: This major module concentrates on furnishing there with all the necessary information that they would like to know about their association in view information. they also can edit there information. 

 Setup: In setup client can add information like district, blood group, religion, branch, designation, post, weekend, holy day etc. They can also system setting. 

Employee Information: This major module concentrates on providing them, with all the necessary information that they would like to know about any single employee from their association in employee list. They can also add employee Information in add employee 

 Attendance: In attendance function client can easy way to manage the attendance of their workers. The module gives them all the functionalities needed to meet there customized attendance management needs like shift schedule, shift distribute, shift delete, attendance summary, attendance process and upload data. 

 Leave: In leave function client can easy to manage leave setup, calculation and transaction their  workers. 

Allowance: All the information related to any allowances and benefits provided to workers maintained in this module. This could include details about house rent, allowance, education allowance, allowance distribute, allowance log. 

 Deduction: All kind of deduction process like deduction setup, distribute and deduction log maintained in this function. 

 Loan: All the information related to any loan such as loan type and distribute are maintained in this module. 

Salary: payment management system that helps keeps track of all their workers’ payment transactions. In this system maintained payment process, allowance sheet, deduction sheet, pay slip, bank sheet. 

User Manage: In this system a user can control all of the function. To control all of function stoner have use panel and access control. 

HR Report: HR has all the options to control human resource management solution. They can make any types of combinations to create there custom-made rules to meet there specific HR requirements, which suit their organization. The module gives them all the functionalities such as, present, absent and leaves report. weekend & holiday report, punch, attendance and late report.

 Salary Report: payment management system that helps keeps track of all their workers’ payment transactions. In this system maintained payment process, allowance sheet, deduction sheet, pay slip, bank sheet and loan report. 

Provident Fund: This module with all the necessary information in provident fund check balance, withdrawals, checks statement, PF deposit, PF loan.



  • Unlimited User
  • Access from anywhere
  • Unlimited PC access
  • Individual access & user panel
  • Low cost & best support





Software Settings

  • Company Information
  • Department
  • Sub Department
  • Line
  • Designation
  • Position
  • Operation
  • Attendance Bonus
  • Salary Grade
  • Shift Schedules
  • Shift Manage
  • Night Bill Setup
  • Leave Setup
  • Bonus Setup
  • Allowance Setup


Emp. Management

  • Employee Setup
  • Employee List

Entry Management

  • All Entry
  • Leave Transaction
  • Advance Loan
  • Advance Loan List
  • Resign Entry
  • Resign Entry List
  • Resign Entry Delete
  • Left Entry
  • Left Entry List
  • Left Entry Delete
  • Inactive Entry
  • Inactive Entry List
  • Inactive Entry Delete
  • Earn Leave Entry
  • New To Regular
  • Increment Entry
  • Increment Entry List
  • Promotion Entry
  • Promotion List
  • Weekend Delete
  • Holiday Delete
  • Leave Delete
  • Requirement List

Attendance Process

  • Upload Log File
  • Log Data Process
  • Attendance File Upload
  • Attendance Process
  • Employee Batch Entry

HRM All Reports

  • Daily Present Report
  • Daily Absent Report
  • Daily Leave report
  • Daily Late report
  • Daily in punch miss report
  • Daily out punch miss report
  • Daily Attendance Summery report
  • In and out report
  • Daily OT report
  • Daily EOT report
  • Daily Allowance
  • Monthly Attendance Register
  • Monthly OT register
  • Monthly EOT Register
  • Appointment letter
  • ID card-English
  • ID Card-Bangla
  • Job Card
  • Job Card with OT
  • Job Card with EOT
  • Joining Report
  • Resign Report
  • Earn Leave report

Salary Report

  • Monthly Salary Report
  • Monthly Salary Report(OT+EOT)
  • Pay Slip
  • Salary Top Sheet
  • Salary Summery Report
  • EOT Summery Report
  • Salary Bank Statement Report
  • Monthly EOT report
  • Monthly OT Summery Sheet
  • Monthly EOT Summery Sheet
  • Holiday Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • Cash Statement
  • Night Bill



  • Language: PHP
  • Database: MySQL
  • Framework: CI


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