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Point Of Sales Software (Xtreem POS)





XTREEM POS is a popular POS (Point of Sale) software designed to streamline business operations and enhance customer experience. Online-based POS software XTREEM POS is developed by IT WAY BD  for small and medium businesses. This is the best POS software in Bangladesh.



SHOP / SALES SERVICE Service : The main part of the owner is through this dealer. As far as regulation and vendor bridging and profit-loss are concerned, this service operates. Important group among elephants included in this forage. It should be noted that the discount system in ‘POS’ is a fee for this service. This facility will be used as the most important feature of the software. Important features of this facility are-

  • Unlimited products are uploaded to the system in single / bulk form
  • Product stock statement at a glance Create individual statement of specific product
  • Custom product barcode creation and easy editing process
  • Shop / Sales Center Inventory Management
  • Customer Engagement and Customer Database Management System
  • Addition of old customer list in single/bulk form with outstanding dues.
  • Facility of record keeping of payment received from customer through cash, mobile banking or card
  • Find products easily by brand, category, product specification or barcode scanning
  • Provision of a fixed amount or percentage discount
  • VAT collection system at fixed amount or percentage rate
  • Return and Refund Product Management
  • Outstanding customer management
  • Automatic SMS and Invoice Sending System
  • Invoice Print Management-Regular Printer and POS Printer
  • Courier Service Management System



Supplier/Supplier Branch: The supplier/supplier is an important branch involved in procurement of goods for the sales center. Because the sales center cannot be operated without a supplier connection, the importance of this branch is particularly important. As the business adage goes, selling is profitable only when one is profitable to buy. Our software has digitized this matter. Some notable features of this branch are-

  • Adding unlimited suppliers and creating lists at a glance.
  • All challan/invoice management of suppliers
  • Record of goods transferred (to store/godown) from supplier
  • Special tools to analyze the purchase price of products (new features pending)
  • supplier ledger
  • Record of return of goods to supplier
  • Reconciliation management of invoices received from suppliers




Godown/Warehouse Branch: Godown/warehouse is an essential branch for medium or large scale sales centers. Because godown can change the nature of profit and loss of business. Because the success of the business can be positive only if you can stock the product at the right price at the right time. Therefore, the importance of this branch cannot be overstated. Some special features of the software will make your godown management easier. Some notable features of this branch are-

  • Management of stocks stored in godowns
  • Storage records of goods from supplier to godown
  • Record of goods transferred from godown to store
  • Records of damaged or unusable goods in godowns
  • Monitoring of store stock from godown branch
  • At-a-glance record of product warehousing and transfer of products in godowns



Accounts and Transactions Branch: Accounts branch is the heart of an organization. All aspects of an organization are good but its accounting department is not transparent then all its departments are weak. If an organization does not store their vouchers and other documents as per accounting policy then that organization will never get accurate results from any software. So if you want to see the results of the organization, you have to keep all the records of your accounts in proper order and make the entries on time. Some notable features of this branch are-

  • Create expense categories as needed (Exclusive Feature)
  • Arrangements for receiving and paying any financial transaction
  • Bank Account Management (Exclusive Features)
  • Check Register Management (Exclusive Feature)
  • Borrowing Management (Exclusive Feature)
  • Accounts relating to receipt of capital and owner's withdrawal
  • Create and print online vouchers
  • Payment Acceptance and Payment Voucher / Money Receipt Generation (Exclusive Feature)
  • Management of debit and credit vouchers
  • Income Statement (Exclusive Feature)
  • Day-Book Feature (Exclusive Feature)
  • Preparation of bank and cash statements




  •  Unlimited User 
  •  Access from anywhere 
  •  Unlimited PC access 
  •  Unlimited Employee Access 
  •  Individual access & user panel 
  •  Low cost & best support 


  •  Sales Report You'll get a day, month & year wise sales report with stock, vat and profit information. 
  •  Categories Report You can check how many products are in your stock category-wise. 
  •  Guests Report You can check which guests take how much product with price by date wise. 
  •  Suppliers Report You can see the supplier list & their products then. 
  •  Items Report You can see the stock report and sales report thendate-wise. 


  • Language: PHP
  • Database: MySQL
  • Framework: CI


Support & Maintenance & Training:

  • Unlimited Support over phone, email or live chat
  • Video Training: Free
  • Training in IT WAY BD: Free
  • Training at outside of IT WAY BD: 3000 Taka


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