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Manufacturing Management Software (Xtreem MMS)

You can manage your business through our software easily. It’s very easy to operate & user  friendly too.  We also provide 24/7 sales after service.  It’s a best platform for your business Software solution.

G&O ERP Software Features 

Purchase Manage:

Direct Purchase: Invoice no, date, branch, supplier, payment type, quantity, unit price, discount, Grand total, status, action.

Add new purchase: Invoice number, date, branch, supplier, payment type, category, product, quantity, unit price, total, action, subtotal, discount, net total, payment, total due.

Purchase Requisition (PR): Invoice, branch, date, Request by, approve by, status, action.

Add new purchase Requisition: Date, branch, category, product, quantity, unit price, total, action, Note.

Purchase Order (PO):  Order date, invoice no, supplier name, purchase requisition, branch name, total amount, status.

Add new purchase order: date, purchase requisition, supplier, branch, category, product, quantity, unit price, total, action, advance, total due, note.

Purchase (PV): Sl, Invoice no, date, branch, supplier, payment type, subtotal, discount, grand total, status, action.

Add new purchase (PV): Invoice number, date, purchase order, branch, supplier, payment type. Product category, product quantity, unit price, total, action, advance, subtotal, discount, net total, payment, total due.

Goods Rcv Note (GRN): SL, date, invoice no, supplier name, branch name, total amount, action.

Add new goods received note: date, purchase voucher, supplier, branch, category, product, request, approve, remaining, unit price, total, subtotal, note. 


Conversion: Title, rate, status, action.

Add new conversion: title, rate.

New production: SL, date, name, Code, Branch, conversion, production quality, category.

Add new production: production no, date, branch, to product, 

Calculation: Current stock, conversion, convert quantity, remaining qty, purchase price, sale price.


Sale Details: Invoice, date, branch, customer, quantity, net total, discount, subtotal, pay, grand total, action.

Sale invoice: Invoice number, date, branch, customer, balance, payment

Sales Item > Product category, product, quantity, unit price (BDT), total

Inventory Setup:

Product Category:  Category list.

Add New Category: Name > 

Invoice Number, Branch, Customer, Balance, Payment Type(Cash-Deposit-Credit)

Product : Product Name, Product code, Brand Name, Unit Name, Purchase price, sale price, Stock, 

Add New Product: Product Name, Category, Brand Name, Unit Name, Purchase price, Sale price, Low Stock. 

Unit: Unit List, 

Add New Product Unit: Product Name, 

Brand: Band list,

Add New Product brand: Brand Name,


Stock Manage

Current Stock: Branch, product, qty, Avg unit price, Total.

Received by……….              Authorized by……….


Transfer: Stock transfer list, Invoice , From Branch, To Branch, Qty, Approve date, Subtotal, Grand Total.

Add New Stock Transfer: From Branch, To Branch, Product category, Product, Quantity, Unit Price, Total Price, Shipping Price, Net Total.

Stock Adjustment: Stock Adjust list, Add New Stock Adjustment.


Account Setup:

Account: Name, Number, Code, Branch, 

Add New Account: Account Code, Account Name, Account No, Branch Name, 


Supplier: Supplier List,

Add New Supplier: Supplier Name, Email, Phone, BIN, Address.

Supplier Payment: Supplier Payment list.

Add New Payment: Date, Branch name, Account name, Amount, Note.



Customer: Customer List

Add New Customer: Customer code, Email. Phone, Address, BIN.

Credit Adjust: Credit Adjust List.

Add New Credit Adjust: Branch name, Type, Expire Date, Customer, Amount, Note.

Deposit Adjust: Deposit Adjust List

Add New Deposit Adjust: Bank name, Check Date, Check No, Branch Name, Type, Account Number, Customer, Amount, Note.

Return Deposit: Return Deposit list.

Add New Return Deposit: Date, Customer, Branch Name, Account, Credit.

Customer Payment: Customer Payment List

Add New Customer payment: Band name, Check date, Check name, Branch name, Account name, amount, note.


Cash Book:

Account Open Balance: Opening balance list

Add New opening balance: Branch Name, Amount, Note.

Balance Transfer: Transfer list

Add New Transfer: Branch name, From account, to account , Amount, note.



Branch Expense: Expense list

Add New Expense: Category, Sub-Category, Branch name, Account, Amount, Note.

Category: Category list > Add New Category



Project Setup: Project list

Add New project : Project Name, Branch, Manager, Budget, Start Date, Complete Date, Address.

Project Balance : Project list

Add New project: Project , Account, amount,

Product Requisition: Product Requisition list

Add new Requisition: Branch, Project, Categories, Product, qty, Unit Price, Total.

Use Product: Product use list.

Add new use product: Project, Select Product Item, stock, use qty, subtotal.

Return Product: Return product list

Add New Return product: project, Branch, product, stock, return qty, subtotal.

Project Expense: Project Expense list

Invoice: Invoice list

Add New Invoice: Branch, Project, Customer, Account, Details, Profit, Total Value. 

Service Center: Service list > Add New Service



Purchase: Date Range, branch, product, supplier.

Production: Date Range, Branch, category, Product.

Sale: Date Range, branch, product, Customer

Transfer: Date Range, branch.

Project: Select Project

Project Expense: Date Range, Project.

Expense: Date Range Branch.

Supplier Ledger: Date Range, Branch, supplier.

Customer Ledger: Date Range, Branch, Customer.

Account Balance: Date Range, Branch, Accounts

Stock Details: above same

Stock Summary: Branch, Category, Product.

Low Stocks: Low Stock Report with print option.

Product Ledger: Date, Branch, Product.

PR Report: Above Same option

PO Report: Above same option

GRN Report: Above same option


System Configuration:

Branch: Branch list

Add New Branch: Branch, Email, Phone, Address

Company Setup: Company All Information

Admin Role: User role list > Add User

User Manage: User List

Add New user:  user name, Email, Role name, phone, Type, Password, Confirm Password.






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