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Human Resource Management Software (Xtreem HRMS)


Objectives Of Human Resource Management System

This section will highlight all the main goals of integrating HRMS software in your organisation. The most general objective of having human resource software is to ensure a flawless working environment & experience for all the employees associated with the organisational goal.

Key Features of HRMS Software

HRMS software is the best solution for managing the human capital of any organisation. Because human resources software has lots of excellent time-saving features, in this section, we will point out those features:


Modules Of Human Resource Management System

HRMS software is full of excellent modules, which help make all the tasks easier for an HR. With the assistance of a human capital management system, an HR can operate the entire system smoothly and bug-free.


Dynamic Dashboard

With the help of this module, HR can get updated all at once about the operation and employees. Moreover, assist in staying updated about total employees, present/absent employees, and leave employees. All the reports are showcased graphically for clearer understanding.

So, this module showcased:

  • Daily attendance report
  • Notice Board
  • Loan payment/Received report
  • Monthly employee awarded report
  • Monthly recruitment report


Employee Attendance Management

With this module, an HR can manage the whole attendance system single-handedly. Here, HR can check the monthly attendance report of each employee.

Also, HR can easily identify the missing employee on any date by using the missing attendance option. Moreover, using this module, HR can keep updated about the overall date-wise attendance of each employee.

Submodule of Employee Attendance Management:

  • Attendance Form
  • Monthly Attendance
  • Missing Attendance
  • Lateness and early closing
  • Attendance Log


Employee leave management

Through this module, HR can manage leave applications all at once. Also, HR has the authority to add any leave type as well as instruct any holidays or weekly holidays.

Submodule of Employee Leave Management

  • Manage holiday
  • Manage weekly holiday
  • Manage leave application


Employee Management

The employee management module helps HR manage or add any employee to the organisation's track record. HR can use this module to record the promotion/ demotion graph, and performance of an employee, so that at year-end it gets easier to evaluate that employee.

Submodule of Employee Management

  • Promotion & demotion track
  • Add Employee
  • Manage Employee
  • Employee Performance


Project Management

In this module, HR will keep a record of all the project-related information such as project deadlines, team working, client information and many more. So that at the year-end, both the management team and HR can evaluate correctly.

Submodule Of Project Management

  • Clients details
  • Projects status
  • Manage Tasks
  • Project Lists
  • Team Member involved


Procurement Management

Through this module, an HR can stay updated about all the procurement items needed or received by the organisation. Using this module an HR can easily “request for” procurement for the organisation.

Submodule Of Procurement Management

  • Request
  • Quotation
  • Bid Analysis
  • Purchase Order List
  • Good Received
  • Vendors details
  • Committees
  • Units


Automated Report Management

With this module, HR can get all types of reports generated automatically with accuracy. This module helps to generate reports on a daily and monthly basis.

Submodule of Report management

  • Attendance Report
  • Leave Report
  • Employee Reports
  • Payroll
  • Adhoc Report


Accounting Management System

The human resource management system comprises an excellent accounts system which has a chart of account sections, a balance adjustment section, cash and bank adjustment, add any payment type. Besides, using this module HR can create different types of vouchers such as a debit voucher, credit vouchers, contra vouchers, and journal vouchers easily and accurately.

Submodule Of Accounting Management System

  • Chart of account
  • Balance adjustment
  • Cash adjustment
  • Types of payment
  • Different kinds of voucher
  • Overall account report


Why You Need HR Software?


  • Improves Working Efficiency
  • Encourage Moral Development
  • Improves Training & Development
  • Improve Social Improvement
  • Utilizations Of Human Resources
  • Boosts Productivity
  • Improves Cooperation & Interaction
  • Enhances Human Resource Management
  • System Of Effective Management
  • Increase Employee Contentment

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