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Hotel & Resort Booking & Management Software (HRBMS

IT WAY BD -Best Hotel Management System & Hotel Room Booking Software

IT WAY BD is top hotel management software for hotel enterprises. IT WAY BD- hotel software is built with advanced features and add-ons to enhance your hotel operation. It also has an integrated website to ensure smooth booking and help to win customer satisfaction.


Hotel Management Software

Hotel management software is an automation technology which offers a complete package for managing all types of hotel activities. For example, room reservation systems, customer management, accounting systems, room setting, inventory management, report generation, restaurant management, smooth payment setting, etc.

Hotel Room Booking Software

Hotel Room Booking software assists in maintaining a smooth flow of all incoming hotel room reservations. IT WAY BD-hotel software also offers integrated hotel website facilities for hoteliers. Thus hoteliers can offer direct booking facilities & high online visibility.


Interactive Dashboard

With this module, hoteliers will get an overall overview brief of hotel operations. Enlighten you with a short brief of expense and maintenance costs in different graphical shapes. Also a quick comparison view between confirmed & pending bookings.

Submodule of Dashboard:

  • Total Booking history
  • Total Reservation
  • Today Booking List
  • Next-Day Booking List
  • Customer List


Customer Management

IT WAY BD-hotel management software is integrated with a CRM system. With the help of this module, a hotel manager does all the customer-related activities. This module can allow hoteliers to handle adding new and existing customers.

Sub-Module Of Customer Management

  • Customer list
  • Guest list
  • Wake-up call list


Room Reservation

An important part of  IT WAY BD is hotel property management software, which includes a room reservation system. This module allows a hotel manager to get out of the manual management process of reservations or bookings, which will be very time-consuming.

Sub-module of Room reservation

  • Booking list
  • Check-In
  • Check Out
  • Room status


Room Facilities

By using this module, the hotelier can add any kind of facility, whatever the hotel owner wants; you just need to put the facility name. Also, you can manage these facilities and create a list of all room sizes through this module.

Sub-Module of Room Facilities

  • Manage Facility
  • Facility Details List
  • Room Size List

Unit And Product

Suppliers play a significant role in all hotel business and manage the overall activities of the suppliers. Hence this supplier module helps to control the total inflow and outflow of your inventory. This module will save the crucial details of suppliers and other necessary information.

Using this module, hoteliers can add any product without any mismatching of the records and miscalculations.

Sub-Module Of Unit And Product:

  • Unit measurement list
  • Product list
  • Destroy list
  • Category list
  • Manage Supplier


Purchase Management

Another crucial module of Xain is purchase management, which assists in managing the product purchase-related activities from the supplier.

Using this module, hoteliers can purchase any items from the listed suppliers and get a detailed list of the purchased items. Also, get a Purchase Return sub-module that allows you to return any defective items.

Sub Module Of Purchase Management

  • Add Purchase
  • Manage Purchase
  • Purchase Return
  • Return Invoice


Account Management

Account management is one of the fundamental features of all hotel enterprises. This hotel software also works as a hotel revenue management software, hence providing a chart of accounts to keep records of overall assets, equity, expense, income, and liabilities.

Sub Module Of Accounting Management

  • Financial year
  • Chart of Accounts (COA)
  • Debit Voucher
  • Credit Voucher
  • Contra Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
  • Account Reports

Human Resources Management

Undoubtedly, every hotel manager needs a complete human resource management system to manage their staff. With this module, a hotel manager will process the recruiting process, attendance tracking and payroll system.

Sub-Module Of Human Resource Management:

  • Employee Management
  • Recruitment System
  • Department
  • Award
  • Attendance System
  • Leave management
  • Payroll System


Payment Settings

Another vital module that assists in handling the overall payment process of a hotel enterprise. It’s a very crucial module, especially for online hotel guests, because it helps to process the customers' transactions securely and productively. With this module, hotel managers can add several payment methods and get a comprehensive list of all payment gateways.

Submodule Of Payment Setting

  • Payment Method List
  • Payment Setup System


Reporting System

From this module, hotel owners will get complete reports of all bookings as well as this module can generate overall purchase and stock reports automatically. Moreover, it will save hotel managers time and help to enhance the productivity of the hotel business.

Sub-Module Of Reporting System

  • Booking Reports
  • Purchase Reports
  • Stock Reports


Customizable Website Theme

The xain-hotel management system comes up with an integrated lucrative website theme, which is totally customizable. Thus, hotel owners will get an exhaustive website with this software that can allow their customers to make online bookings by giving the required information.

So, it will create a positive impression as well as enhance the visibility of your hotel business.

Sub-Module Of Customizable Website Theme

  • Online visibility
  • Better customer reach
  • Direct booking


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