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ITWay BD School Management System is intended to automate day to day school administrative work like Attendance, student info management, Class Routine, exam routine, Fees and much more. 

The provision of the software is to help school management to save time on the day to day school activity. Once the School Management System is in use, it will enable the school management to access all the necessary information, reports, files & documents of all the departments of the school in seconds and the whole process is very easy. ITWay school management system is completely an online web-based solution, which can be accessed from anywhere online. Our expert team your all data/information security.

We engage schools, families and communities

Your school is a hub for your complete community. ITWay Techniques incorporated faculty control management system not only associates everyone among your school, it connects your school to your students, families and every person in your network.

Smart Educational System

ITway School Management (Dynamic)

Admission Management, publication and Batches control Management, Time-desk, Occasion Calendar, Examination Management, Result Management, Student Presence and so on. All varieties of Academic answers are attainable in single platform.

Account & Costs Management (Dynamic)

Costs management system assist in billing students on this module. It also provides path expenses details, scholar payment, mode of fee and stability facts and so forth.

Educational Response

Generate all kind of reports about your students, workers, Examination, guides, expenses, and schedules and many others.

Presence Monitoring

Presence monitoring with intimacy Card, Finger Print, Particular ID speak with students, parents and workers by sending text messages right to their mobile phones from software.

Library Management

Smart Academic device is the whole library management and automation solution that permites data providers, Students & librarians to manipulate & disseminate data available in diverse  form of resources.

Online Fess Management

Parents can pay fees through Online Visa card or bKash.

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Our incorporated school management device is easy to use, but whilst you want technical help we are here right here for you. Whether you pick out our phone help, email guide or online help portal, you will locate the support you need quickly. Our company enjoys recognition for the great teach help in the industry, with a 92% customer help pride score!